Who doesn’t want to be as skinny as the girls in the magazines? Who would rather be a size 6 than a size 12? And we’re not talking shoe size here.

For years, men and women have been frantically trying out every known diet pill that can make them fit to be on the cover of magazines as well. But some carry empty promises and others are not as effective as they claim to be.

Calcium pyruvate is a type of carbohydrate that is mostly found in red wine, red apples, and cheeses. It is an essential part of a low-calorie diet because it assists in amino acid synthesis.

Calcium pyruvate, a three-carbon acid produced naturally during the final phase of glycolysis, can be found abundantly in living things. Since it can be manufactured in the body cells, it is not an important nutrient. Calcium pyruvate is ingested in the diet. There are foods that particularly contain high levels of calcium pyruvate. Generally, a single red apple has about 450 milligrams, making it a top source. The average intake per day is within 100 milligrams and not more than 2 grams.

As an organic acid, calcium pyruvate is also known as pyruvic acid. People know it to be an effective weight-loss substance. A study even pointed out that consuming about 22-44 grams every day will boost one’s weight loss and brings about a decrease in fats among overweight people when taken in along with a diet that’s low in fat. Furthermore, the study revealed that ingestion of about 6-10 grams of calcium pyruvate every day can make you lose weight if coupled with an exercise regimen.

Some studies believe that calcium pyruvate aids in the loss of weight by increasing the body’s rate of metabolism. Moreover, it is said to be able to fuel cellular respiration. This process may contribute substantially to any weight loss program because it speeds up the activities in the cells.

Even if there is so much hype on calcium pyruvate as a means to lose weight, science brings in evidence to prove otherwise. It states that calcium pyruvate does not produce any outstanding results, thus, you are better off with other types of diet pills or supplements.

However, the manufacturers and distributors insist on the powers of calcium pyruvate, people should know better than to take their word for it. Calcium pyruvate’s weight loss capability and endurance booster are not supported by any evidence. Hence, do not spend your money on something that will only give you false hopes and overwhelming frustrations.

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