You want to be comfortable in your trousers right? Follow these tips and not only will your impression be accurate, but you will also have trousers that fit and feel great!

1. Military pants of the day came right off the patterns of the civilian pants. Irregular or civilian pants were very common since pants wore out quickly.

2. A bit of patchwork on pants would be fine, but I wouldn’t go for the dumpster look. I would patch if I needed it. I would make a proper hand-sewn patch.

3. Use a color of fabric that blends in with the material of the pants as closely as possible. You don’t want to look like a walking quilt.

4. You have a little more leeway with pants. I don’t recommend making a pair of pants off of a modern pattern and wearing them low.

5. Use an old pattern and make them so you can wear them high above the waist as they wore them in that era.

6. They had a rise anywhere from 2-4 inches more than the rise in modern pants. They wore them above the waist.

7. I also would recommend making your pants from a lighter weight material than your jacket if you can find a proper weave because of the heat factor.

8. Pants are extremely important because you take your jacket off at events but you always have your pants on. So, go with pants that fit well, are good in the heat, and look accurate.

9. Contrary to popular belief that the smaller the size the thinner you look. If you want to look gaunt and thin, get pants that are a few inches bigger; they make you look thinner. Remember, the lean look will enhance your impression.

10. Cotton pants were common, so if you don’t want to wear wool, feel free to fit yourself out in a pair of cotton trousers just like the ones pictured on p. 119 of TROIANI’S REGIMENTS AND UNIFORMS OF THE CIVIL WAR worn by Pvt. James A. McKinstry of the 42nd Alabama. I have cotton pants, which have served me well over the years in the heat.

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