Most women do not know that sexual inactivity can result to having breast cancer. Not being sexually active may result in a woman’s inability to get pregnant. The classes of women that are mostly at risk of having breast cancer are the ones that celibate. This is probably because they may not get to be pregnant. There are several reasons that could cause breast cancer. So you should not get yourself trapped in some people’s opinion on how breast cancer develops. Getting information from experts and other relevant sources will make you wiser and educate you about the causes and whether you are at risk of having breast cancer or not. Do you know that the kind of food you eat can help prevent breast cancer? Studies have revealed that there are foods that can now help to genetically shape or protect the body from the risk of harmful diseases with breast cancer inclusive.

Scientific investigations are still being conducted to ascertain the impact of diet on breast cancer. Scientists have been able to establish that there is a strong correlation between high fatty foods and the risk of breast cancer. They found that breast cancer hardly exists when there is a low-fat diet and this is conversely so. Do you know that in the 1950s, Japan’s diet was purely based on rice? During this period the Japanese got about less than 10% of calories from fat. And at this period in the history of Japan breast cancer was almost not known. Due to the change in eating habits, today breast cancer has risen high in that country.

Perhaps you could be wondering about how fat increases the risk of breast cancer in women. Well, this is how: fat promotes the quantity of estrogen in the blood. When this happens estrogen invigorates the breast cells. This then renders the breast prone to the occurrence of breast cancer. Do you know that obesity is caused mainly by the consumption of fatty foods? There is a connection between obesity and the accumulation of large amounts of estrogen in the blood. The presence of a high rate of this hormone in the blood makes it easy for the hormone to act on breast cells which leads to breast cancer. Menarche experienced at an early period is a factor that can cause breast cancer. The cause of menarche is attributed to the high level of estrogen in the blood. If your goal is to prevent breast cancer then you have to work or eat towards reducing the level of estrogen in your blood system.

You can easily get fat off your diet and easily replace it with foods rich in vegetables. This is a major step towards reducing or preventing your risk of having breast cancer. More so, by ensuring you eat well you will hardly have cause to worry about having the disease. So stick to a vegetable-rich diet and be free. |Foods that are rich in fiber can bring down breast cancer risk. They can help you achieve this by slowing down the amount of estrogen in your blood. More so, vegetable diets are very rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene, and other vitamins which help prevent breast cells from being destroyed.

Are you at risk of contracting breast cancer? Then try changing your diet, eating animal products can increase your risk, however, plant foods have less fat, and they have the benefit of not storing huge quantities of bug juice residue in them. Eating bran food is very crucial in the prevention of breast cancer. Taking a brisk walk in the morning or any time you find it convenient for you will help you fight breast cancer. You can also engage or perform any physical activity that will help you burn up those fats stored in your body. Carrying out exercises on a regular basis will help reduce breast cancer problems. Do you know that by making sure the liver functions properly you have a good chance to reduce the risk of having breast cancer? The liver is the main organ in the body that helps in burning up fats. Hence, you should take foods rich in essential fatty acids, because they are crucial to the function of the liver. An example of this kind of good fat is omega 3 and B. this however the kind of fat recommended not those gotten from processed foods.

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