Too many online entrepreneurs spend long hours working online to think about their health and fitness. Your online success is related to your energy levels. How fit are you? Have you looked at your hips or butt lately? We all know that we need to balance building a million-dollar online business with keeping the mind and body fit and sharp. You need to train your mind and body for success. But I can hear you saying, I’d love to exercise but I don’t have the time or I’d love to expand my knowledge but I don’t have the time.

You must find time to exercise your mind and body. You must train your mind and body for a business as a soldier trains to be mentally and physically fit for combat. How? By training your mind and body one minute at a time. Here some ways for the online entrepreneur to stay physically and mentally fit using the one-minute principle.

Exercise For One Minute.

No matter where your computer is located in the world, you can still exercise for one minute. Forget about the past 60 minutes or the next 59 minutes. Focus on the next one minute. Perhaps do a deep breathing exercise. One minute of push-ups. One minute of sit-ups. Do one minute of something. Start to get yourself in better shape one minute at a time.

After a while, you may do two minutes then three minutes. Wow, you have just made a 200% improvement. If you think one minute of exercise is easy, then try this. Take in a big breath. Hold this breath and pull in your navel. Now put both arms in front of you. Imagine pulling and pushing a heavy train. Do this for one minute while holding your breath. You will be sucking and gasping for air by the end of one minute or sooner. Easy minute, yeah right.

Yet this simple one-minute exercise strengthens your chest, shoulder, and arm muscles using sustained contractions. It increases your chi energy fields by heating and compressing the air in your lungs. It also teaches you to focus your mind for one minute. So take a minute’s break from surfing the net, do a minute of exercise instead.

Train Your Mind For One Minute.

Your mind is like a muscle. It grows stronger when you exercise and use its full potential. For example, image-nation is a wonderful place to visit. I am at a beautiful tropical beach. The sun is warm on my skin. I smell the sea breeze and hear the gulls circling above me. I am floating on a raft a short distance from shore. I am floating upwards into the clear blue sky, circling, spiraling upwards on warm currents of air. It feels blissful. Yet I am still sitting at my desk.

An online entrepreneur needs to regularly unplug and disconnect from the web, mobile phones, laptops, and PDAs. Some people do not know how to unwind. The brain becomes hyperactive and wired. After a while, it needs a cleanup and a defrag so that it can delete rubbish thoughts and expired programs.

Your mind is a world, a theatre, a paradise that you can easily visit within one minute. You can go there to relax and clear your mind whenever you choose. In a hotel lobby, a plane, a taxi, or at your desk. You can then rejoin this world feeling a lot calmer and cleaner.

Change Your References For One Minute.

Your references are those internal processes, patterns, and memories you use to make sense and meaning of the world around you. For example, do you speak two or more languages? You then have more references to interpret and decode the world around you. This is so important in setting up an online business that will have global customers. Is English the preferred language of your customers? For example, China is predicted to be the new economic power over the next decade. So it may be beneficial to think from a Chinese frame of reference.

We can open up our world-view by changing our frames of reference for one minute. Go outside your normal self for one minute. Act the opposite of who you are for one minute. Think outside your normal thinking. Think in a different language. Think like a different person. Perhaps think like a powerful creature. Do this for one minute then put your normal head back on your shoulders.

Think of a business problem you have. Now choose a different frame of reference to look at your problem. Look at it through the eyes of someone you admire. How does the problem feel now? Or think with the head of an Albert Einstein. How do you perceive this problem now?

Use this change of references to solve problems, explore creative insights, and expand the limits of your business thinking.

Fit One Hour Into One Minute.

Ask yourself, how can you fit one hour into one minute? Start by examining your time wastage and inefficiencies. Start at the end with your desired outcome and then reverse engineer your solutions such that what took one hour now takes one minute. Keep asking yourself the question, how can I do things better? Start by chopping off one minute at a time. Use a military acronym, AIMO (Adapt, Improvise, Modify, Overcome). Apply this type of thinking to your online marketing and business operations.

So start to apply the power of one minute to your online business and marketing efforts. You will be surprised at the incredible focus you can achieve when concentrating for one minute.

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